[Due to transmission problems with the original fax, the image above is easier to decipher if you download it and zoom out to its full size...

This document was obtained by SBS Dateline reporter Geoff Parish, from the Harbour Master and was referred to in two Dateline features on SIEVX that went to air on 22 May and 17 July 2002.

The document is dated 10241530 G - ie, 3.30pm 24 October; the 'G' stands for 'Golf' time which is seven hours ahead of Greenwich mean time and 3 hours behind Australian Eastern standard time.]

Translation of Document Received from Harbour Master at Sunda Kelapa Port, Nth Jakarta

RE: Where Survivors of Vessel (later known as SIEV X) were rescued by Fishing Vessel 'Indah Jaya Makmur'

Note: after being rescued by the Indah Jaya Makmur survivors were transferred en route to Jakarta on another vessel, the Arta Kencana 38, to complete the journey.


Ref: from Sunda Kelapa harbourmaster no...

AAA: This is to inform that on the 23rd October [sic], The Arta Kencana 38 - GT83 Licence 1207/BC skippered by Mr Madjid carried 44 immigrants from Iraq and Afghanistan. The immigrants were found at 07 40 00S / 105 09 00E and had previously been on the Indah Jaya Makmur on its way to fishing ground.

BBB: Immigrant data:
Men 33
Women 9
Boy 1
Girl 1

All the immigrants are now in the care of immigration and the UNHCR and have been put up at Wisma Palar Gunung Putri - West Java

DISTR: (different departments) 

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