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Ball, Susan

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Sent: Wednesday, 24 October 2001 12:31
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Subject: Re:Boat Lost at sea -Reply - Forwarded

The numbers are still moving around particularly in respect of the nationality break-up of the passengers although there is now some consistency about the overall number involved compared to the stories going around on Monday evening.

Yesterday was something of a media circus in Bogor where the survivors are being housed. Richard Danziger advises that today they will begin the task of documenting personal details of the survivors and will then start trying to piece together details of those who drowned. We will forward this information once available.

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Subject: Boat lost at sea - Reply - Forwarded
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Date: 24/10/01 9:41

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Jenny Bedlington 24/10/2001 09:21

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Subject: Boat lost at sea - Reply forwarded

Some more conflicting numbers


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.. as it comes!
Date: Tue: 23 Oct 2001 08:14:14 +0200

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The below is additional information received from [blacked out] who just interviewed two of the survivors in Bogor.

. Among the whole original group (418 pax) according to the sources, approx 210 were known to UNHCR and /or IOM, of these approx. 30 were refugees, most of them from Kalmana (Irian Jaya) cases.

. Approx 150 children, 150 women and 118 men out of the original group

. Approx. 60, all men, initially survived when the boat started to sink as the others were under deck and sunk with the boat. Only 44 were rescued.

. Of the 44 survivors, 42 are IRQ, 1 AFT, and 1/RN (the

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previous info was wrong, it should be of the 418 pax, 7 were AFG, 4 Algerians, 4 IRN the (403) were IRQ)

6 of the survivors are believed to be the cases known (a/s or refugees) to UNHCR before;

[3 blacked out lines]

[blacked out] is collecting the name list as many as possible and will go to visit those at the hospital.

[blacked out] 10/23/01 11:47 am
You have possibly seen reports that have come out overnight about the loss of a boat carrying asylum seekers on the Java Sea.

According to preliminary details we have been able to obatin to date the fishing boat (reportedly 3 X 18 metres) carrying some 416 asylum seekers set sail on 18 October. It is reported that 14 people who feared to continue their journey disembarked at a yet to be identified island before the vessel proceeded with its remaining 404 passengers. The boat subsequently capsized on 19 October between Java and Sumatra. Survivors spent 17 to 18 hours in the sea until rescued by fishermen who took them to Pulau Balung between Java and Sumatra. They were then transported onwards to Java by the Indonesian Navy.

According to the 44 survivors who arrived at Tanjung Priok in Jakarta yesterday, the remaining 360 passengers are assumed to have drowned.

6 survivors are currently hospitalized (two in intensive care) in Bogor outside Jakarta. A number of others have been treated and discharged.

The passengers were reportedly mostly Iraqis. The survivors are 29 Iraqi, 7 Afghan, 4 Iranian and 4 Algerian. We are investigating whether any of them were already know to UNHCR and/or IOM.

We hope to have further details in the course of the day.

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