Below is the report on the verdict in the trial of Abu Quassey from today's edition of the Egyptian newspaper, Al Gomhuria:

7 years Jail For The Accused Who Mistakenly Killed [manslaughter] 350 Indonesians In Australia

Al Gomhuria
28 December 2003

The criminal court in Abedeen punished yesterday Mootaz Mohamad Attia, 45, by sentencing him to seven years in jail with labour and fining him 500 Egyptian Pounds. He was accused of the manslaughter of 350 Indonesians and of participating with others in sending people illegally to Australia.

(Translation by Ghassan Nakhoul) has used online translation software to decipher the webpage in the newspaper concerned with covering court cases. The Quassey verdict was given very low priority - it consisted of just two lines of text containing several errors and was listed as the third last story after much longer articles on less significant crimes - eg a family murder over a mobile phone and the manslaughter of a street beggar...


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