The case of the man accused of killing 350 Indonesians has been adjourned to the 25th of October

By Atif Abu Al Kheir
28 September 2003
Al Gomhuria

[translated by Ghassan Nakhoul]

The Criminal Court in Abdeen adjourned yesterday the case of the Egyptian migrant Moataz Attia Mohammad who was accused of manslaughter against 350 Indonesians [sic]. The case was adjourned to 25 October, upon a request by the prosecution which needed more time to complete the documents. The court ordered that the accused be kept in jail in the meantime.

The hearing was presided by Justice Mohammad Fathi in the presence of the Head of prosecution in Abdeen Rami Bashir and the Prosecution Officer Osama Sharif and Secretary Khaled Omar. The Head of Prosecution requested an amendment to the charge so that it would mention that between July 1999 and October 2001, and in collaboration with anonymous people, the defendant agreed to send foreigners without passports to Australia on a boat to Christmas Island... He caused the death by drowning to 350 people.

The prosecution's representative pleaded with the court to adjourn the case so it could complete the remaining related documents and finish the translation of a number of documents and present them to the court.


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