Minister for Justice and Customs
Senator the Hon Christopher Ellison
Senator for Western Australia


Minister rejects call for judicial inquiry

Justice and Customs Minister Senator Chris Ellison today rejected the Federal Opposition's call for a judicial inquiry into allegations made against the Australian Federal Police by the Nine Network's Sunday program in relation to Kevin John Enniss.

Senator Ellison said the matter had not only been investigated by the Australian Federal Police with full oversight by the Commonwealth Ombudsman, the Federal Opposition had also had opportunities to make inquiries into the matter via a Senate inquiry.

Senator Ellison said the AFP had also referred the issue to the Australian Broadcasting Authority.

"It is appropriate now that the Australian Broadcasting Authority be allowed to complete its inquiry into this matter," Senator Ellison said.

Senator Ellison said the Australian Federal Police had his full support and confidence.

"The Australian Federal Police are doing an outstanding job in working with the Indonesian National Police to combat the very serious criminal offence of people smuggling," Senator Ellison said.

"Their joint efforts have prevented well over 3,000 people coming to Australia since February 2000."

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