Chris Ellison's SIEV X slip

Christian Kerr
[Extracted from Crikey Newsletter]
14 June 2005

Was there an interesting admission in Justice Minister Chris Ellison's media release on the Khaleed Daoed people smuggling verdict last week?

'In October 2001, the vessel known as Siev-X (Suspected Illegal Entry Vessel - Unknown) sank en-route to Australia from Indonesia in international waters, resulting in the death of 353 people,' it says.

That's interesting. The government's been vague about where SIEV X went down before. Writers such as David Marr and Marian Wilkinson and Tony Kevin have all suggested that it sank in international waters south of Indonesia. Now Ellison seems to agree.

Are they going to be a little more precise now about what else they knew about SIEV X?

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