Jury still out on people smuggling trial

June 7, 2005 - 7:04PM

The jury deliberating in the trial of an alleged people smuggler linked to a disaster voyage that killed 353 people has failed to reach a verdict for the second consecutive day.

Khaleed Shnayf Daoed, 37, has pleaded not guilty in the Supreme Court in Brisbane to two counts of people smuggling.

The first charge relates to the successful arrival of 147 asylum seekers on Christmas Island in August 2001.

The second charge relates to the SIEV-X boat, which capsized off Indonesia in October 2001, killing 353 Iraqis and sparing 45.

The jury of six men and eight women, including two reserve jurists, were sent out by Justice Philip McMurdo at 1pm (AEST) Monday.

They retired at 9pm and resumed their deliberations.

They sought brief redirections before continuing deliberations and informed Justice McMurdo they will not be able to reach a verdict.

They will resume their deliberations on Wednesday at 9.30am (AEST).

2005 AAP


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