AFP must explain inaction on people smuggler Maythem Radhi

06 May 2013
Christine Milne

The tragedy of the loss of 353 lives when the SIEV X sank in 2001 remains a stain on Australia's recent history and questions remain as to why the Australia Federal Police failed to pursue alleged people smuggler Maythem Radhi.

"In Senate estimates in 2005 when I asked the then Police Commissioner Mick Keelty what the Australian Federal Police were doing to pursue Maythem Radhi, the Police Commissioner refused to answer and referred to it as 'ongoing' and 'an operational matter'.

"Now the Federal Police, in a written statement to Channel 9 program 60 Minutes, have said that the active investigation was suspended between 2003 and 2007 because of other priorities.

"Why did the Federal Police fail to put out an international arrest warrant at the time and maintain an active arrest warrant in the intervening years?

"With Mr Radhi now a New Zealand citizen, what action is the Federal Police going to take to pursue justice for the 353 people who died and their families who remain grief stricken and shocked that one of the alleged three people smugglers has escaped the justice system?"


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