Blue Line: Response to 60 Minutes story on Maythem Radhi – alleged people smuggler

Australian Federal Police
Release Date: Monday, May 06 2013, 03:08 PM

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) would like to respond to criticisms made in a Channel Nine 60 Minutes story aired on Sunday, 5 May 2013.

The information provided by former AFP Commissioner Mick Keelty to a 2005 Senate Estimates hearing does not contradict information recently provided to Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes program.

While investigative activity was suspended in 2003, the investigation itself was not closed and the matter remained ongoing, consistent with Mr Keelty’s comments in 2005. In May 2003 the AFP had obtained an arrest warrant for Mr Radhi in the event an extradition was to become viable. The case continued to be monitored.

Extradition processes vary from country to country and require adherence to each country’s legislative requirements.

In August 2009, the AFP identified that Mr Radhi had re-settled in New Zealand. The AFP immediately notified New Zealand Police to progress extradition inquiries.

In May and September 2010, the AFP obtained new Arrest Warrants to progress the extradition of Mr Radhi from New Zealand. A further updated warrant was obtained in February 2011 in accordance with New Zealand legal requirements.

In the case of Mr Hassan (Abu Quassey), the AFP sought extradition to Australia between 2002-03; however, he was repatriated from Indonesia to Egypt (his country of origin). The Egyptian authorities relied on evidence provided by the AFP in their investigation.

The AFP was successful in locating Mr Daoed in Sweden in 2003 and extraditing him to Australia where he was successfully prosecuted and received a sentence of nine years imprisonment.

It has not been possible for the AFP to extradite Mr Radhi to Australia. He is currently the subject of a New Zealand Crown Application for Leave to Appeal in the New Zealand courts. The AFP remains committed to pursuing the extradition of Mr Radhi to face charges in Australia.


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