'People smuggler' fighting extradition

Ian Steward
4 October 2011

An alleged people smuggler wanted in Australia has been found living in South Auckland.

Maythem Radhi, originally from Iraq, is fighting extradition to Australia where he is wanted for his alleged involvement in the notorious voyage of Siev X, which sank in 2001.

The boat-load of 421 asylum seekers sank in international waters south of Indonesia on October 18, 2001, en route to Christmas Island.

Officials estimated 353 drowned - 146 children, 142 women and 65 men - when the 19.5 metre fishing boat sank.

Australian officials allege three men were responsible for organising the people-smuggling operation Khaleed Daoed, Abu Quassey and Maythem Radhi.

The un-named boat was designated Siev X, an Australian designation standing for suspected illegal entry vessel.

The case was politically sensitive because, as well as the huge loss of life, it was in the middle of an election campaign.

Daoed was extradited to Australia from Sweden and convicted of people smuggling in 2005. He was sentenced to nine years in prison. Quassey was tried in secret in Egypt and sentenced to seven years.

Radhi's location was keenly sought in Australia until he turned up to face an arrest warrant before the Manukau District Court over the extradition.

Daoed and Radhi were in Indonesia following the sinking but resettled as refugees. Daoed was sent to Sweden but, until now, Radhi's location was unknown.

-Fairfax NZ

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